Queens of the Stone Age Make Bold LGBT Revelation


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme recently made an LGBTQ Pride Month post on Instagram.

“Remember, it’s still pride month! Do something wonderful for someone today! Something you’ll be proud of!! #qotsa #queensofthestoneage #pride #pridemonth #proud #wonderful *P.S. remember, the name QUEENS of the Stone Age was designed to weed certain people out. If you feel plucked like a weed by this fact, then it’s because you are plucked. Now, go, run along & pluck yourself.”

“See this vampyre? Look at the amount of surprise on that V. Pyre’s face! It’s a lot, I’d say. Wouldn’t you? Course you would! You ain’t never seen dis much surprise on a Vampyre’s face before! How could you? In the history of V. Pyre’s, ain’t never been one a dems been dis surprised. Not to this level. Noooo, no, nope, nope. Nu, uh.

This here Vampyre’s doubtin’ his own vision right now. He can’t believe what she’s seein’! V.Pyre’s never seen a tiny pony frolic about so giddily. So merrily. To & fro. So effortlessly free. So innocently cavorting unashamed & blissfully ig’nant of the constraints of a mob society’s judgements.

That IS why, Vampyre is on the verge of a single blood tear. & why Vamp-O is just so flabbergasted! Just like, ‘uuuuhhhhh, wow!’ Today is gonna be like that for all you! #flabbergasted #surprisedandelated #bloodsucker #tinyponyfrolics #bloodtear #qotsa #queensofthestoneage #todayisgonnabesweet #ponyproblems #moreponiesmoreproblems #vampyre #shockandawe.”