Widow, Chris Cornell Bandmate, Candlebox & Puddle of Mudd Play At Scott Weiland Bandmate Wedding


Former Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts bassist Tommy Black got married to Marshelle Fair over the weekend.

The Viper Room blog reported, “The reception was off-the hook w/ performances by a lot of Tommy and Marshelle’s friends including Kevin Martin (Candlebox – vox), Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Don Henley, Melissa Etheridge – guitarist), Rick Parker (Sparkler – vox/guitarist + producer BRMC, Dandy Warhols, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts), Robin Diaz (Live, Candlebox, Peter Murphy – drummer), Matt Fuller (Puddle Of Mudd – guitarist) and the debut of Tommy’s new band Double Cobra! Did we mention that Slash’s dad was in the wedding party?” Scott Weiland’s widow Jamie was also in attendance.

See photos from the wedding and live performance below!

The Blacks!! Repost from @tommyisblack using @RepostRegramApp – Got hitched!!!

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  • suz

    uh, the ‘widow’ doesn’t play.

    proofreading anyone?

    • Olga Stewart

      It’s about part for the course for this site.

  • Kay B

    Don’t like this guy. No sir I don’t.

    • Rita

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      • Plutarch X

        Bandlecox that muddle of pudd.

  • Allison Auld

    Scumbag Black got married, huh? Good luck to the bride. And his new, sure to be mega-successful band is named “Double Cobra”?? Tres appropriate for a snake like him.

    • Diana

      What? Why is he a snake?

      • Allison Auld

        He was Scott Weiland’s “best friend”. He was also his drinking buddy on the road while Scott was dying from alcoholism. Scott couldn’t negotiate a flight of stairs or count his own change toward the end but this guy just kept drinking with him. They were drinking together the night before Scott’s death. But he was a great friend and a “gorgeous” person. Uh-huh…