You Won’t Believe What Happened When I Photographed A Perfect Circle


Ask and you shall receive.

On Tuesday night, A Perfect Circle took the stage in front of a sold-out crowd in Camden, NJ. Just three days earlier, over 60 people were removed from an APC concert in Reading, PA for using cameras and/or cell phones to take photos. Along with A Perfect Circle, Tool and Puscifer (Maynard James Keenan’s other two bands) also have the same strict “No Photos Or Videos” policy.

After a fan complained about the policy on Instagram, Keenan wrote: “No. Recording. Of. Any. Kind. For. 25. Years. Guided experience. Unplug and enjoy the ride.”

Lucky for you, Alternative Nation is above the rule of law and was at the show to do all the things that you can’t.

1. The Package
2. The Hollow
3. The Noose
4. Weak And Powerless
5. Rose
6. Imagine (John Lennon cover)
7. By And Down
8. Thomas
9. People Are People (Depeche Mode cover)
10. Thinking Of You
11. Vanishing
12. Orestes
13. Gravity
14. 3 Libras (all Main Courses Mix)
15. Hourglass
16. Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
17. The Doomed
18. The Outsider
19. Feathers

  • UiscePreston

    Oh wow you’re an absolute rebel. And a disrespectful idiot. There’s absolutely nothing worse than the latest class of low attention span morons standing at a concert with their phones in the air.

    • I’m fairly certain the author meant he had permissions to photograph the band because he is a writer for AN. (could be wrong) But, that’s the takeaway I got.

  • Ryan

    Wow what an enlightening ‘article’. What happened eh?

    • Corndog

      You wouldn’t believe it.

  • While appreciative for the images (thank you)
    It’s understandable why Maynard has the no photography request, in place. As an artist, he wants people to enjoy the show, actually BE in the moment with him. It really is something no recording or photographed image, can replicate. (No matter how great the photo is) Nothing tops attending a live performance.

  • ImperfectCircle

    I think you should let people enjoy the show however they want. If your crowd is a bunch of tools(heh) who want to be on their phone more than they want to watch, then that is who you appeal to. I think its odd for an artist to complain about how people experience their art.