Aerosmith Reveal If Member Is Fired After Injury


Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer has been out of action for several months, concerning many fans, but it appears he may be returning soon. Jack Douglas has filled in for him, with his son Colin also doing percussion. Steven Tyler’s daughter posted a beach photo in a beautiful outfit yesterday.

Jack Douglas posted, “My son, Colin, is back at it in Vegas with Aerosmith. He’ll be playing with the band through June.”

Some fans on Aeroforce were concerned at first, with excitedelaine posting, “A friend of mine said when she broke her ankle she was told if she needed surgery, it would be a 6 to 12 month recovery. They didn’t know if she would need surgery until two months into it, fortunately she did not. Maybe Joey needs surgery?”

Fortunately, Douglas then confirmed on his Facebook that Joey will be back soon. He did say that Joey is already back, despite the fact that he didn’t play at the first Las Vegas residency show of the latest run earlier this month.

A fan commented, “That’s great! But what’s happening with Joey?” Jack Douglas responded, “He’s back on the kit.” Steven Tyler was forced to cancel an Aerosmith show last week when he sadly lost his voice. Tyler wrote, “I LOST MY VOICE… SO I CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT. REFUNDS FOR THURSDAY 26TH OF SEPTEMBER’S CANCELED PERFORMANCE WILL BE ISSUED AT POINT OF PURCHASE. @aerosmith #DEUCESAREWILD.” Tyler losing his vocal range was recently called out by an Aerosmith bandmate.