10 Candidates To Induct Pearl Jam Into Rock Hall of Fame


Photo credit: Paul Lorkowski

Pearl Jam fans rejoice! Seattle’s greatest band has been announced as a first-time nominee for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! If ever a band deserving of this honor, of this generation, it is Pearl Jam. Recent years have seen Metallica, Green Day, Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers inducted. It is no doubt a massive accomplishment to be inducted; Alternative Nation could not be happier for Pearl Jam. But one question lingers: who should have the honor of inducting the band? Here are my top picks for the job.


  1. Jack Irons


Let’s be honest for a second here. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame did a major injustice by not including drummer Dave Abbruzzese as part of the nominated band. He wrote “Go.” That alone should have been enough. Jack Irons, who played with the band on No Code and Yield was also left out. However, Irons was inducted in 2012 as a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’d be nice to see Irons up there inducting his boys and welcoming them with open arms into the club.

  1. Adam Sandler

On Saturday Night live, Adam Sandler had a fantastic take on Eddie Vedder as his Opera Man Character. Sandler is no doubt a rocker himself. His love of music and of playing guitar is well documented. Earlier this year, Eddie Vedder joined Adam Sandler and others to perform My Generation at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Sandler would undoubtedly add a comedic twist to the induction ceremony which would be a welcome inclusion from a ceremony that at times gets a little too stiff for its own good.


  1. Tom Petty


Another huge inspiration for Pearl Jam and specifically Vedder. Tom Petty is the epitome of cool. Always has been, always will be. He is also a very gracious man. Petty no doubt would be a great idea to do the induction just based on his respect of other musicians and his respect for rock and roll in general.


  1. Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl is pretty much rock and roll royalty at this point. Nirvana and Pearl Jam ran a close one and two at the forefront of grunge during its heyday. In that regard, who better than Grohl to handle the introduction. Plus, anytime Grohl shows up somewhere, you’re pretty much guaranteed it’s going to be a good time.


  1. Pete Townshend


In the 2011 Cameron Crowe directed Pearl Jam Twenty, Eddie Vedder mentions that when he first met Pete Townhend, Pete told him how he couldn’t wait to meet him. Can you imagine hearing that from one of your heroes? There’s no doubt the massive influence The Who served as to Vedder; considering them one of his favorite bands. IF Townshend was to do the inducting, it could make for another heart-warming moment.


  1. Cameron Crowe


Cameron Crowe directed the fantastic 2011 documentary Pearl Jam Twenty. He also directed the gravely underrated film, Singles. The 1992 movie took place in Seattle with a lot of the focus on the burgeoning Grunge scene. Crowe no doubt knows Seattle. And he no doubt knows Pearl Jam. It’s possible an induction by him could involve some lesser known tales of the bands storied history.


  1. Marky Ramone


In 2002, The Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On hand to induct them was none other than Eddie Vedder. The Ramones no doubt hold a special place in Vedder’s heart. While the four original Ramones, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Joey have all passed away, Marky would be a great choice. The idea of Vedder inducting the Ramones only to have Marky Ramone induct Pearl Jam would bring things full circle.


  1. Chris Cornell


Temple of the Dog has been dominating alternative rock headlines for most of 2016. Between their reunion, possibilities of further performances and rereleases, it’s be awesome to have Cornell do the honors. Not to mention he’d have the chance to induct fellow Soundgarden bandmate Matt Cameron, as he has been with Pearl Jam since 1998. Plus who knows, maybe we can get Cornell up on stage with them for an impromptu Temple of the Dog performance right at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


  1. Neil Young


The Godfather of Grunge himself. Neil Young and Pearl Jam have a long, rich history of collaborating together. Whether performing “Keep on Rocking in the Free World” or Pearl Jam serving as the backing band on Neil Young’s 1995 album Mirror Ball, there has been a lot of great shared moments. Neil Young has passed the torch to Pearl Jam a few times throughout the years, but this undoubtedly would be the ultimate passing.


  1. Scott Stapp


If we’re being real, the former Creed front man owes his whole career to Pearl Jam. I mean I guess Creed had “some hits.” But to my ears, they’ve always been Pearl Jam-lite. I always wondered what Creed might sound like if they didn’t blatantly lift from Pearl Jam. And then I found out; Alter Bridge. But that’s for another day. If Stapp could take some time away from fronting Art of Anarchy, it’d be interesting to hear his bestow ultimate praise to a band that he no doubt admires and to a vocalist he’s been ripping off for twenty years.