80’s Rock Legend: ‘Kurt Cobain Ripped Me Off’


Perhaps this is a case of thirty-years too late. The Smithereens band member, Jim Babjak claims that way back when Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were working on the Nevermind album (1991) they were A–B-ing my guitar and trying to replicate that sound”. If this is substantiated this could forever change the history and the direction of grunge music. Watch out Foo Fighters, Green Day…

As per GuitarWorld, The power-pop guitar hero, Babjak talks embarrassing moments onstage, what makes the perfect guitar solo and what it’s like to have influenced Kurt Cobain.

When it comes time to list the most influential guitar players, the Smithereens’ co-founder and guitarist, Jim Babjak, often gets overlooked. Perhaps it’s because of his melody-first ethos, a style that eschews flash for the tune that’s in his head.

But let’s not kid ourselves – Babjak has been a reference electric guitar tone for all kinds of bands, the most notable being Nirvana. Here, as Babjak joins GW for a quick chat, he talks about the gear in his life, the simple pleasures of sending the guitar straight into the amp, and the secret to the perfect solo.

When asked how he felt about being a Kurt Cobain influencer, Babjak said: 

“I wish I had met him, but I never did get a chance. We worked with Butch Vig on a song once and he told us that when Nirvana was working on Nevermind, they were A–B-ing my guitar sound, and trying to replicate that sound. So, I’m truly honored.”