Britney Spears In Trouble After Dog Attack


Britney Spears may be in some very new and fresh hot water as she was recently warned by animal control that she must get her dog under some kind of control after her dog hauled off and bit an elderly man.

According to TMZ, via Complex, animal control contacted the pop star after her doberman ran off and escaped from her home and bit an elderly man. At some point during the day, Spears’ dog Porsha got out of the home or gate where the dog was kept and started to run all around the neighborhood.

An unidentified cyclist was named as the person who was bit by the dog. The cyclist was elderly, yet, very active for an older person. The cyclist got off of his bike and approached the dog and is was then that the dog bit his leg.

Some are saying that “bite” is a bit strong of a word to be used, rather, the dog actually just “nipped” the man, but the cyclist is confirmed to have gotten some kind of medical treatment after the incident. As of now, it does not seem that any charges will be pressed onto Britney Spears from the incident, but as stated above, animal control has warned the star about her doberman.