A Perfect Circle Reveal Why James Iha’s Contributions Were Scrapped From New Album


A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel discussed Greg Edwards filling in for Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha in a new The Seeker interview. He mentioned that Iha’s ideas for the band’s new album Eat the Elephant didn’t make the record.

“James and I worked on a few things but none of which made the record. When we started getting ready for the tour, James and I talked about the possibility of him going back to the Smashing Pumpkins, and that scenario started to get more solid, so we found a temporary replacement with Greg Edwards. I can speak for Maynard and myself when I say that we find Greg’s two bands very influential to us and we respect what he’s done, plus he’s in the family and a friend, so it was an easy transition to make. I’m very happy for James that is happening.”

He also discussed A Perfect Circle banning phones at concerts.

“You know, there’s a familiar energy with touring and sometimes it can be from region to region. You get into big cities, into more metropolitan cities and there’s almost less energy than when you get out towards rural areas. I think a lot of time that comes from fewer shows coming there, like a supply and demand thing. I think that’s consistent to this day. The thing that is different, everyone has access to their phone at any given time, and they are used to that. It’s difficult for people to put it down sometimes and be in the moment. We look at the place we’re playing as our living room of sorts, and we’re inviting people in to do a performance, and we ask them for one thing, that’s to be with us uninterrupted, connected with us without the distraction of their phone. It’s not always an easy thing to swallow, but it’s gotten more support than I thought it would.”