Michael Jackson Daughter Posts Rest Room Photo


Paris Jackson has done very well with becoming her own person and icon as the mystique of her father, Michael Jackson seems to have its good and bad moments. Paris has been able to not only become a very talented woman, but she is also becoming iconic in her fashion as well.

Recently, Paris was seen at the premier red carpet event for Netflix’s, ‘Pamela, A Love Story,’ the event was chock full of incredible looks from countless celebrities, but Paris Jackson really stuck out to everyone. She has such an energy about her that is very unique to her.

This all also comes at a point in time where there has been talks about Michael Jackson getting an official biopic. While news is still very fresh about this, it seems that it could go along the same lines of the Elvis biopic. There have been shots taken before at making a Michael Jackson biopic, but nothing big box office ever hit the scene other than Michael’s own, ‘This Is It.’

The biopic is said to follow the life of Michael Jackson and give a fresh take on the man that we always knew, but never truly knew due to so much controversy surrounding him. As of right now, LionsGate films will be the ones in charge of the movie as well as the Jackson Estate, so the movie will be skewed. Jaafar Jackson will also be playing Michael Jackson in the movie.

As of now, it is said that the film is there to set the record straight on the multiple allegations made on Michael Jackson, which includes the allegations made in the documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland,’ where two men claim they were abused by the King Of Pop and go into graphic detail on the events.