AC/DC Singer Breaks Silence On Return Performance


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has broken his silence on his comeback performance at the Taylor Hawkins tribute show with Foo Fighters.

“Okay here we go.

Taylor was a lovely man, his smile was legend, his drumming intense and brilliant, and he could sing as well.When we gather to salute this man and his family we do it as friends, we do it for Him, and we do it with his Band the Foo Fighters, who I know will do him Proud. I’m honored to be part of it.”

Brian Johnson is the lead vocalist of AC/DC, the most successful rock band of all time. They have sold an estimated 200 million albums worldwide and played live to millions of people around the world. Their most recent album, Power Up, was released in 2019 and reached number one in 21 countries.

When not playing with the world’s biggest rock band, Brian can be found fronting various TV series, including On The Road, the last episode of which was a special featuring Dave Grohl.

Brian spent lockdown writing his autobiography, The Lives Of Brian, which will be published by Penguin & Harper Collins in October 2022. Brian Johnson rejoined AC/DC a few years ago, but the band have yet to tour again.