AC/DC Terrible New Album Rumor Revealed


A new rumor on the AC/DC fan forum is suggesting that the AC/DC new album may in fact just be a few songs that were recorded in honor of Malcolm Young. Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams reportedly returned to the band for recording sessions in Vancouver last year.

kmcdonald606 posted:

Heard it’s “not an album” but a project…. seems like a few songs.

Seems like it’s not happening…. not sure the reason. They didn’t say. So I’d “Sink the Link…”

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I wish it was getting released too. 🙁

Really sad right now

Inferno posted:

Sorry. I just figured we might as well take some news of upcoming releases by someone (anyone) rather than sitting here getting absolutely nothing. It’s not like a release by AC/DC is any more on topic, as they haven’t given us any news of any album or any release date or any plans to do anything at all. Nothing. Yet we have 57 pages talking about it. (A reminder that this is not the Vancouver speculation thread.)

I also thought it might be some good inspiration for any insiders who may follow this forum. Hey look! it’s 2019. Bands actually throw out some info to their fans these days. What a novel idea.

edit: Plus, we all know that any actual announcement, or even a mere utterance from Angus and company will get it’s own thread.

rideon77 posted:

This thread Is cancer now.

CliffFINmark2 posted:

Did it turn like it now or at what point in its 2000+ message saga?

This is a fantastic thread. Shows the passion within us all.

Some stay excited
Some fall
Some get utter bitter
Some be upset, even angry
Some trust and some do not
Some be right, some be wrong

Stevie’s in Russia, Axl is Preussia
Rudds M.I.A. – Cliff Porto Bay
Brian rocks Miami – Ang smokes Holland
Slade tours the world

But at the end of the day
We’ll all be having
Rock N Roll Party Days

So it will come
Have faith
No project
Solid album
Short tour
And thats no the end either

Wait and see

  • Cameron

    Hard to believe that they would suddenly decide not to release a tribute to Malcolm after all of their hard work. Brian Johnson insisted it was an album, and the fact they have not released anything yet could mean there’s some kind of delay or problem. Why would they all meet up just for no reason. Although it would suck if the album would turn out to be “a few tracks” when a potential for a vault of many unreleased tracks would be possible.

    • Zen Zen

      Maybe they’re waiting for a fall release. It makes sense a tour that runs through winter.

      • Cameron

        Agreed. Albums take time to make. It’s only been reported that AC/DC are working on something since last year the latest. Just cos there hasn’t been no news for a while doesn’t mean the whole thing is canceled. And why would they cancel it if it’s a tribute to Malcolm Young that would be absurd .

        • Zen Zen

          They will make a tribute album for Malcolm. It’s silly to think they do one for Bon but not Malcom. AC/DC is not Pink Floyd. They basically make the same album every time. I think it’s done and now it’s when to release it.

  • Tami Coil

    I can’t believe that copying and pasting speculative conversation on a fan message board, posted by people who don’t actually know any inside info, passes as legitimate news.

  • Xdegenerate

    Fuck off with this bullshit. You better not be getting paid a cent to report on the mood and interests of a fucking messege board.

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  • Colin Forfar

    Where the hell does it tell you how meny songs are on the new album this shit is just pissing people off you are not getting the news from the headline article this shit sucks