Tool Member Reveals Disturbing Drug Accident


Tool webmaster Blair revealed that Danny Carey sent him a link about a musician having a drug accident. Tool have had a busy news period over the last few weeks, with Maynard James Keenan announcing the new Tool album will come out on August 30th. Blair wrote:

Making better Scrabble players for nineteen years.

May 2019 marks the nineteenth anniversary of my writing the official Tool newsletters. As such, I’d like to answer one of the questions that I’m frequently asked: how did I get entrusted with the job of being the writer/content manager of the band’s official website? Although I have answered this in the past, there is a new generation of equally pitchkettled fans that might not have heard the story. So here goes…

Back in early 2000 or late 1999, someone affiliated with the band (I don’t remember who) asked me to write a review of Aenima, and to be as satirical as possible. In the spoof review, I questioned whether or not the band had succumb to the dark arts, perhaps even making a pact with the devil – pacta cum daemonibus complete with looking-glass Latin contractions – to ensure the monetary success of their third album? I don’t remember what my conclusions were (and I no longer possess a copy of the piece), but I’m sure it was filled with all kinds of pseudo occult and metal band clichés. Evidently, Adam liked the piece – especially how it was “over-written” (his word) – and asked me if I would write the Tool newsletters.

I replied that I didn’t think I would be the right person for the job. I didn’t know much about the band and wasn’t too interested in the current music scene. Adam explained that he DIDN’T want the newsletters to be about the band, but wanted to do something different from other band websites such as exploring subject matter that was of interest to the members of Tool. “Write about whatever you want,” he said. “You mean I get to fuck with linguistic morphologists with baffling morphemes?” “YES!” Realizing that I didn’t have to find out what Maynard’s favorite color was, or what bellytimber Justin most missed after moving from England – the type of fodder one reads in swoltery music zines – I reluctantly agreed to give it a try. “I’ll probably run out of ideas after a few months,” I said. “No, you never will. You’ll just do it.” Thus we congreeted.

He later said:

Moving along (no pun intended), here’s a link ( that Danny sent me about a synth technician that got accidentally dosed by some 60s era Owsley LSD that was coated on a red panel of an old Buchla. Puts a whole new light on the “Source of Uncertainty” module like that featured on Danny’s new tee shirt.

Finally, here’s hoping that everyone in Europe enjoys the unparalleled sonic and visual experience of TOOL on stage (with the support of friends FIEND). If you can’t make the shows, could I interest you in a game of Scrabble?

The story states that KPIX Television Broadcast Operations Manager in San Francisco Eliot Curtis was recently repairing a Buchla Model 100 modular synthesizer that’d been unused at Cal State University East Bay for over 50 years. Curtis opened a red module on the synth and found crystallized residue. He removed it, and you can guess what happened next. He got high as hell for 9 hours on LSD.