Adorable Photos Of Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington’s Widows Comforting Children


New photos of Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky and Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda with their children have surfaced. Vicky’s brother Nick is in the second photo.

Linkin Park recently began rehearsals for their first performance without Chester Bennington at the Hollywood Bowl. The band initially rehearsed at Mike Shinoda’s house, but they recently returned to Third Encore.

Linkin Park collaborator Steve Aoki discussed Chester Bennington in a new Forbes article.

“When I think about Chester I think about, ‘Should I have done anything?’ I think that’s the first question any friend thinks about: ‘Could I have done anything to stop something like that from happening? What could I have done?’ There are many cases when you get talked off the ledge, you can talk someone off the ledge, ‘F**k, that was a stupid idea, thanks for shaking me up and not letting me do something ridiculously stupid.’ But you can’t always be standing on the ledge with them. I think the goal is there has to be conversation and also just being okay with the fact it’s uncomfortable to talk about these things, cause the more you talk about it, the less uncomfortable it really is.”

He also discussed not drinking.

“Every time you go into a city people come and see you and they’re there to have the biggest night of the weekend, especially in Vegas. So when I do a show and have my friends come through they’re there to party hard. And I think the thing for me, back in the day, was say I was taking a sabbatical from drinking, I would end up having a shot, then I would have two, and I would have three. Then it’s like, ‘Who gives a f**k?’ When DJ AM [Adam Goldstein] passed away that’s when I made the distinction, ‘It’s not about taking a break, I’m just not gonna drink.”