Alex Van Halen Releasing New Eddie Music?


Gary Cherone, the lead vocalist of Extreme, recently revealed the existence of a treasure trove of unreleased Van Halen songs from his tenure with the legendary band. Fans are eager to hear what was created back then, but will the music ever surface?

As reported by Rock Celebrities, Cherone’s remarks shed light on a creative period following the release of Van Halen’s “VH III” album and subsequent tour, during which the band ventured back into the studio to craft a collection of new material. While some songs remain as rough demos and others approach the status of finished pieces, their destiny lies in the hands of Alex Van Halen, who holds the power to determine their release to the eager ears of fans worldwide.

Reflecting on his time with Van Halen, Cherone reminisced about the fruitful songwriting sessions that yielded these hidden gems. He acknowledged the quality of the compositions, hinting at the exciting potential they hold. However, Alex Van Halen, the decision-making force behind this vast musical vault will be the one to determine if the songs ever do see the light of day.

Cherone said: “After the ‘VH III’ and then we toured, we went back in the studio, and we wrote a bunch of songs. Some of them are just rough demos; some of them were more finished products. As far as if they ever see the light of day, I don’t know, maybe someday. Alex Van Halen is the boss of that, but you never know. But I can say some of those songs are really good.”

Cherone’s revelation echoes the sentiments expressed earlier by former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. In an interview with Eddie Trunk back in April, Anthony provided insight into the band’s archive, suggesting that an abundance of unreleased material lies within its depths. Anthony spoke of ongoing efforts to unearth these musical treasures, igniting the curiosity and anticipation of diehard fans.

The prospect of unearthing these forgotten compositions fills the hearts of fans with anticipation. It sparks dreams of listening to previously unheard riffs, mesmerizing melodies, and the unmistakable Van Halen magic. As the journey into the band’s vault continues, we eagerly await the unveiling of this musical bounty, embracing the possibility of an enriched understanding of Van Halen’s sonic evolution.

The story of Van Halen continues to unfold.