Axl Rose Sings Velvet Revolver “Fall to Pieces” In AI Video


In recent months, the utilization of artificial intelligence has experienced an exponential surge, captivating the music community with its transformative potential. Musicians and enthusiasts alike are now venturing into uncharted territory, reimagining songs through the amalgamation of diverse voices and instruments.

Among the groundbreaking AI ventures, a few particular creations have sparked genuine enthusiasm among listeners. Beatles songs come to mind as well as Nirvana songs come to mind, but one song that has been swept under the rug that is now gaining it’s well deserved attention is an AI-generated rendition of Axl Rose, the iconic frontman of Guns N’ Roses, delivering Velvet Revolver’s poignant anthem, “Fall to Pieces.”

as reported by Loudwire and presented on YouTube by the account named Zoyer, the video carries a disclaimer in its description, emphasizing its educational nature and intent to explore the profound possibilities lying at the intersection of AI and music. Zoyer clarifies that the rendition does not feature Axl Rose himself but rather employs an artificial intelligence soundscape layered over the original track.

Velvet Revolver emerged as a new force in rock music after Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum parted ways with Guns N’ Roses, leaving Axl Rose as the sole remaining original member. Filling the void, the trio enlisted Dave Kushner on rhythm guitar and Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots as their vocalist. “Fall to Pieces” became a touching ballad featured on their debut album, Contraband, released in 2004. Velvet Revolver went on to release one more record, Libertad, in 2007 before Weiland’s departure from the band.

One listener aptly remarked on the AI track, “I think Axl would’ve approached this song quite differently on several parts, but it’s intriguing to imagine his take. RIP Scott.”

This sentiment resonated with others who expressed their awe and appreciation for the AI rendition, describing it as an incredible creation that brightens their day. The video, undeniably captivating, awaits your perusal below.

Throughout the 2000s, Axl Rose and the members of Velvet Revolver engaged in a public back-and-forth, with Weiland being the focal point of much attention. However, years after their respective splits, Weiland gained a newfound understanding of Rose through their shared experiences.

Weiland shared, “Originally I thought: ‘What a troll he must have been. What an evil man.’ But you know what? I have to say that I have an entirely different opinion of him today.”

Take a listen to the Axl Rose AI version below.