Alice In Chains, Metallica & Korn Members Jamming In Living Room Is ‘F*cking Awesome’


In a new Rolling Stone interview, Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed a jam session that broke out in his living room at his birthday party last year when Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and his son, part-time Korn bassist Tye Trujillo, showed up.

Cantrell mentioned that one of his more favorite things about being a musician is experiencing music’s random, unexpected moments. “Last year, a bunch of music buddies and friends came to my birthday party. Robert Trujillo [Metallica’s bass player] was there and he brought his son [12-year-old part-time Korn bass player Tye Trujillo] who is fucking awesome. Suddenly, people were playing Iron Maiden in my living room. Music will go where it wants to go, and lives as it wants to live. It’s exactly what should happen.”

He also discussed the state of music today.

“[Music] goes through changes and permutations,” he says. “And as a band we’ve been through many changes and permutations too.” He concedes though that most often classic songs are the best listen, no matter what the occasion.”

“I got up today and was feeling a little old and creaky and had myself a massage. And while I did, I listened to [Led Zeppelin’s 1975 double album] Physical Graffiti from top to bottom – because it’s a fucking masterpiece,” Cantrell says. “Another great thing about music is, once it’s down on a disc, it lives. The only thing that will prove it out is time.”