Chester Bennington’s Son Describes His Mother’s ‘Loud’ Reaction When Father Died


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s 15-year old son Draven discussed his mother Samantha’s reaction to getting the call that his father had died in a new interview.

“You wake up, it’s a regular morning, you wake up a little late. Go downstairs, watch TV. I was sitting next to my friend, his Dad was cooking, and my Mom was downstairs too. She got a phone called, freaked out, and went upstairs. We didn’t know what was happening, we were sitting on the couch watching TV. Then she calls my friend’s Dad upstairs.

He leaves the stove on, it’s still sizzling for like 15 minutes, and we’re still watching TV, not thinking about anything. And then the doors in our house aren’t very soundproof, so you can hear a lot of what’s happening, but not specifics, just loud crying and stuff. I’m just trying to think of everything that could have happened that wasn’t super serious.”

He then discussed his reaction to the news when his mother told him, and how his father dying wasn’t even a possibility that crossed his mind before he found out.

“It was shocking. I really didn’t expect it. The thought popped in my head like once, then I thought it wasn’t going to be that one.”