Alice In Chains & Tool Touring In 2022?


Alice In Chains are plotting a fall 2022 tour, Jerry Cantrell told Dean Delray on his podcast. Tool are also rumored to tour in 2022.

Maynard James Keenan recently discussed what he’s been up to during the pandemic with Esquire, “There’s a thing called economy of movement; don’t waste any energy. Use the other person’s energy against them to let them move. Quality of life is success in my opinion. My quality of life is finding puzzles and seeing them through. Whether it be a building, a wine, writing songs. They’re puzzles. Do I need to do all these things? No. But I have the means to instigate the puzzles and do them.”

“I’m ok with nothing. It’s like that stress management you go through in a martial art. You’ve seen it. You’ve been on the bottom rather than on the top. I don’t want to have nothing,” he says laughing. “I’m enjoying all the shit that I’m doing, but I’m ok if it happens.”

He said he has no interest in running for public office.

“Fuuuck no! he exclaims, laughing. “No, I bowl with the mayor. He has to play the middle, nod, and figure out what’s best for the community as a whole—listening and separating the squawks from the actual criticisms and compliments. I couldn’t do that. I have a vision and I do what I want to do. I would not be good in that position (chuckles). Off with their heads!!”