Alice In Chains Announce Huge 30th Anniversary Celebration


Alice In Chains formed a little over 30 years ago, and they have their sixth studio album Rainier Fog coming out later this month. AIC have announced a ‘pop-up and retrospective’ in Seattle where you can celebrate 30 years of the band’s history, and their future.

It will be open on August 23rd from 5-10PM, and August 24th from 12-4PM at The Crocodile in Seattle. It will feature limited edition merchandise, a rare photo collection, memorabilia, and music gear.

Jerry Cantrell recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the challenges of exploring new lyrical themes in a band that’s existed for decades.

“Maybe it’s a little hard because you have already said so much,” he said. “I can’t write ‘Them Bones’ again, I can’t write about my dad again. I can’t write about my brother again. I can’t write about that ex-girlfriend again,” he says. “But it’s easy to be pissed off about something. Stuff still makes me emotional. Stuff still makes me love. I experience things. I see people going through things. Shit happens to you. There’s still stuff to grab, but it’s challenging to me. It’s always the part where I feel I’m stumbling around in the fucking dark.”