Alice In Chains Collaborator Reveals Why Working With Band Was ‘Nightmare’


Director Nigel Dick, who has directed videos for Guns N’ Roses and many other bands, discussed his experience directing Alice In Chains’ “Down in a Hole” music video in a recent GNRCentral interview.

“Every moment of that shoot – which stretched over a few months – was a nightmare. The only happy memory I have from that show is the 1964 Gibson acoustic I bought in a pawn shop in Kansas City while waiting for the first attempt to shoot them – which was subsequently cancelled. That guitar sits in my edit bay to this day and I play it every day.”

He also discussed the relevance of music videos today and working with Axl Rose.

“TRL (total request live) was the undoubted hey-day of music videos but if Taylor Swift releases a new video the web goes nuts for 72 hours and Good Morning America plays a clip from it so I think you can argue that they’re still just as relevant for established artists – but perhaps not so much for emerging talent.”

“Let’s just say Axl and I never exchanged Christmas Cards. I remember one pleasant lunch where we talked for ages about the Electric Light Orchestra but mostly I was handed a short scenario by Alan Niven which he’d presumably discussed with the band and told to flesh it out and make it happen. Incidentally I don’t have bad memories about this process – it was very efficient and pushed me into an attitude of working with bands whose approach and music I didn’t necessarily like or understand which I think was very healthy.”