Steven Tyler Reveals What He Smokes With Girlfriend


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler had his interview with Howard Stern play on a vacation show episode last week, and he hinted at occasionally getting in some type of 420 puffs with his girlfriend! Steven Tyler recently discussed the drug he used at a Jimi Hendrix show. recapped: Howard said there’s a thing that goes on with singers where they write a song and they think of someone specific singing it. Howard asked if he liked The Eagles too. Steven said he loves them. Howard said Glenn Frey is gone now. He said it’s depressing to see them all going. Steven said that he isn’t sure what happened with them but it happens. He said we’re like fruit and we all get bruised.

Howard said that Steven was a maniac as a younger man. Howard said he came through the drug use and his voice is still good. Steven said Robin came through it all too. He said congrats to her. Robin thanked him. Steven Tyler was recently angered after he caught a man filming him.

Steven said that he’ll still have a few puffs of his girlfriend’s stuff and he goes ”wow” to that. He said that he still sticks to the 12 step thing. He said that he’s a patient advocate and he will help out with that. He said he can talk people off the ledge and tell them what he’s been through.

Howard said that Aerosmith has sold more than 150 million albums. Howard said that they are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Howard said that is so great. He said people have to be jealous of him. Howard said he has lasted for decades. He said there are very few people who can do that. Steven said it’s the way he was brought up. He said he got smacked in the head like in any Italian family. Steven Tyler dating an overweight woman was recently revealed by a big name.