Alice In Chains Debut Incredible New Material Live


Alice In Chains have debuted “The One You Know” live, performing it at recent shows on their 2018 North American tour. You can watch videos below.

The Baldy wrote about the song’s live debut on Alice In Chains’ official tour blog:

These blogs are supposed to be about life on the road out here, but since the band finally unleashed a new song yesterday and played it live for the first time at the Carolina Rebellion, let’s discuss that a bit.

First and foremost, I’m not sure why so many of you out there equate a great new Alice In Chains song with Jerry having let his hair grow long again, but if it gives you comfort, go with it.

The One You Know is another in a long line of great Alice In Chains songs, helped along by an obnoxious alarm clock riff and a super catchy chorus.

It sounded great live too. Wedged between Man In The Box & Would?, it felt right at home in the set list, and the crowd gave it a great response.

It’s been nice to see and read (and watch) such a positive reaction to the song so far.

Five years is a long time to wait, and oftentimes people move on or forget about a band, but it seems that there are a good amount of people who can finally unclench their butt cheeks, exhale, and get back to living a normal life now that they’ve gotten a taste of what’s to come.

Unfortunately it’ll be a bit longer before the entire album comes out, but that just gives you more time to dive deeper into this particular song.

Decipher its meaning.

Learn to play it on the family piano.

Try and figure out what in the hell is going on in the video.

So many possibilities.

The important thing is to just enjoy the new music, and prepare for the onslaught that’s coming…