Kurt Cobain’s Father Emotionally Reunites With Frances Bean Cobain


Frances Bean Cobain shared an emotional photo of herself reuniting with Kurt Cobain’s father Donald Cobain and his wife Jenny on Instagram. She wrote, “What a wonderful dinner with my Grandparents. Love you Gramps & Jenny XO Bean ??.”

Cobain discussed learning about her family while watching Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck in a 2015 Rolling Stone interview.

“What really surprised me,” she says, “was watching my parents’ love story. Because they were so close to my age now.” Kurt was 22 when he first met Love, in 1990. She was 25, in the band Hole and a child of divorced parents. They married in February 1992; Frances was born that year, on August 18th.

“It was like friends falling in love – I did not expect that,” Frances admits. “I always knew their relationship was toxic,” referring to the couple’s early bond over drugs. “And I don’t promote having a fix-it baby, which is what I was – to fix their problems. But I know from the video footage and letters that I have that Kurt wrote me, from my mom’s interpretations and my grand-mom’s experiences – my dad did love me.”

“You feel you were a fix-it baby?” direct Brett Morgen, who was sitting nearby, asks in surprise.

“In the sense that their own families were so chaotic,” Frances replies, “that they wanted to create their own family as soon as possible: ‘If we create our own family, it will be nothing like our families were.'” Frances stubs out one cigarette and lights another. “It ended up being a million more times chaotic.”