Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Made Deftones Cry For Touching Reason


Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell makes a guest appearance on Deftones’ new track “Phantom Bride,” which is featured on their latest album Gore. Cunningham admits that when Cantrell laid down his guitar part, the band was incredibly moved.

“We had tears of joy when he was laying it down,” Cunningham tells Rock 105. “When he plays, you know immediately it’s him, and that’s a rarity. And we’ve grown up on him and became friends with his band over the years, toured together. And it was just a magical pairing.”

“We had this song,” he continued. “It was pretty much done. It could have been left as is, but it sort of had this big kind of a gaping hole in the end, like a gap, that could have just been or we could have filled it up with something. And we started brainstorming, ‘Man, what if we got someone to play a badass solo on that?’ And then Jerry was in the next day.”