Pearl Jam’s Rumored 2017 Touring Plans, Was Planned Tour Canceled?


PostePay Sound Rock in Rome festival organizer Sergio Giuliani has claimed in a new interview with that Pearl Jam originally were interested in touring Europe in summer 2016, but that those plans have now been pushed back to 2017. These quotes have been translated from Italian to English.

“I can only say that we were in talks. The European tour has been slipped to next year, anyway…”

When asked if he believes the November 2015 Bataclan terrorist attack influenced their decision to not tour Europe in 2016, Guiliani said he didn’t know for a fact why they decided not to come to Europe.

“I do not know exactly what has influenced their final choice,” reflects Giuliani: “Certainly, that may have been one of the reasons that led them to decide to cancel the tour. Pearl Jam are a band very special and sensitive to the aspects of social life. For our part, certainly, was a real possibility that the Pearl Jam in the line up of the festival”.