Pearl Jam Rumored 2020 Tour Delay Revealed


A Pearl Jam show that was booked a few years ago in Nashville but canceled before being announced due to the band playing Bonnaroo in 2016 appears like it may finally be taking place in 2020. Eddie Vedder revealed a disgusting Keith Richards story over the weekend.

104 years and counting posted on the Ten Club board, “Take this with a grain of salt, but someone at Bridgestone in Nashville has been speaking to Pearl Jam about show(s) next year. My source said it would probably be later in the year, but nothing definitive and no holds have been placed on dates as of yet. I’m guessing this happens quite often and nothing materializes, but still exciting to know that they are talking to arenas about shows.”

Vedder4Prez said, “Yes, Bridgestone was booked. I even saw the screenshot from inside. They pulled it the second someone from Roo dropped and they played it instead.”

Weston1283 posted, “Bridgestone as well as Phillips Arena in Atlanta were both booked before Bonnaroo came through.”

Eddie Vedder told a tragic Kurt Cobain story a few days ago. ZeldaZonk chimed in, “What’s the big excitment about Nashville? What am I missing? I’ve been here all summer unfortunately and I don’t really care for it. I’m ready to go back to Seattle. Maybe someone can shed some light on what this town has that’s got several of you ready to travel here specifically for a PJ show. All I’ve found is unbearable heat and country music scattered amongst a few good concerts and of course, Third Man Records. Help!”

Vedder4Prez responded, “I’m born and raised so a bit biased but have traveled enough to know how great Nashville is. There are so many great pockets all close to town (Nations, 12th South, East Nashville, Melrose, Germantown, Downtown Franklin etc) People are actually beyond friendly. Tons of restaurants and so many live music venues. I stay away from Broadway unless its a show at the Ryman, Ascend or Bridgestone. It’s also great since its so centrally located. You are 2-4 hours away from countless cities and easy flights to all over the US.

A show at Bridgestone would be great for the pre-party. So many great rooftops for a killer party before and after.

The only downfall for a show in Nashville for those traveling in would be hotel prices. I’d suggest locking in a hotel the minute the show is announced.” Eddie Vedder ‘finishing’ with Pearl Jam was detailed last week.