Alice In Chains New Album Rainier Fog Leak Is Here


Has It Leaked? is reporting that Alice In Chains’ new album Rainier Fog has leaked a few days ahead of its official release. The album shipped in Japan over the weekend, and copies were given out at the Seattle Mariners baseball game on Monday, so one of these is likely the source of the leak. You can go to Has It Leaked? for more details.

Cantrell recently told Revolver that he is very proud of Rainier Fog. The record is Alice In Chains’ first album in five years.

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“I mean it, man: I’m completely proud of every fuckin’ song on this record,” says Cantrell. “They’re all different but they fit together as a cohesive piece of work. It’s a real album.”

Cantrell offers one final reflection. “Making music is a difficult process,” he says. “But it’s very fulfilling to go through it and come on the other side with a body of work you’re really proud of. To have millions of people on this planet fuckin’ dig your stuff, to be affected by it. I think the older you get, the more precious that is. The more you really fucking appreciate that.”