Alice In Chains Tour With Gavin Rossdale Revealed?


Alice in Chains might tour with Gavin Rossdale’s band Bush. The official Twitter of Bush recently dropped a throwback video clip of a concert with Breaking Benjamin and they dropped hints about a possible tour with Alice in Chains. The caption read: #tbt to our time with @breakingbenj. Would love to do this again sometime! Maybe with the *real* @AliceInChains this time around?”

You can check out the Tweet below:

Bush is gearing up for Australia tour 

As it turns out Bush is preparing yet again for the Under The Southern Stars concert series, touring Australia in March. It has been noted that after a couple of years of postponements and uncertainty, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale is celebrating their long-awaited return to the land that live music forgot.

“I think it’s going to be emotional, for me anyway,” Gavin says. “It will be very emotional to walk out onto the stage and play, because I haven’t done it for two, two and a half years, so it will just be a big sense of relief.”

That relief will be shared by thousands of fans when Under The Southern Stars hits the stage, featuring Bush. The tour also features some top bands including the likes of Cheap Trick, Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rose Tattoo, and Electric Mary.

This will mark Bush’s first major live outing since the outbreak of COVID-19, which has ceased any sincere plans to perform for the past two years. This break had allowed him to spend more time with his three sons and Gavin said that getting back to live performance will restore a sense of normalcy to the world for many people:

“Not knowing when we were ever going to play again but not complaining about it because people have been dying, and you’d be an idiot moaning about how you can’t prance around onstage. But at the same time, I almost have no recollection of that, it feels like such a distant memory – getting on a plane and getting a hotel room, going onstage,” he says.

“I lived that life for so long and it’s been a weird couple of years. I’ve never traveled so little. That in itself was a luxury for me on a personal level, getting to be with my boys. But mate, to be down there playing and the noise and the wind and the sun and the sweat, really cold beer and sunshine and music. We’re just looking for a good time.”