Alice In Chains Discover Next Great Rock Band With Pearl Jam


In a new <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Radio interview, Alice In Chains discussed younger bands that they love. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Mike Inez said, “I like this band Rival Sons. We played with them in Milan, an awesome band, good grooves.”

William DuVall added, “They’re really cool. Great singer, oh my god, that guy is great. Star benders, they’re going on the road with us, from Atlanta, this tour. They’re a cool new band.”

Jerry Cantrell said, “There’s a band we played with in Portugal with Pearl Jam called The Last Internationale. I think they were pretty cool.”

Sean Kinney said, “I’m going to pimp my cousin and Grace McKagan’s band, Duff’s daughter, The Pink Slips.”

The Last Internationale is an American rock band formed by New York City guitarist Edgey Pires and vocalist Delila Paz.

The group is known for its socially-conscious lyrics and strong live performances. Ben Hugues at Uber Rock says that “Live, they are an explosive ball of energy with perfect soulful vocals from Delila and rock ‘n’ roll chaos from the fingers of Edgey, a man who literally rips the strings from his guitar on a nightly basis.” The duo started writing protest song and playing small gigs when Pires was studying for a degree in political science. He mentions Howlin’ Wolf, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Woody Guthrie among their musical influences.