Listen To Eddie Vedder’s Hilarious Frank Sinatra Impression


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder briefly impersonated Frank Sinatra when he guest DJ’d for the Beatles station on SiriusXM recently.

“Alright, that was ‘In My Life.’ There’s a version that Keith Moon does on his solo record Both Sides of the Moon, a Keith Moon solo record in which he does not play drums (chuckles). He does, it might even be the last song on the record if I recall, Both Sides of the Moon, Two Sides of the Moon. He does a cover of that song ‘In My Life,’ and it’s kind of a spoken word version, and it’s really powerful. It speaks to the amount of musicians that have covered Beatles songs.

I have to think that it’s the universal quality of the songwriting, the chord structures, the arrangements, that allow others to also make great versions and have their own interpretations of these songs while remaining true to the originals.

As a kid, I think I heard Frank Sinatra sing ‘Something In The Way She Moves.’ (Chuckles) I don’t do a good Sinatra impersonation, or I would do it for you here. Yeah, what the heck. ‘Something in the way she moves, you little scant.’ Alright, let’s clear our palace with some ‘Dear Prudence.'”

Listen to Eddie doing Sinatra below!