Alice In Chains React To Rock Hall of Fame Snub


105.7 The Point recently interviewed Alice In Chains, and told them they should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame right now. Alternative Nation transcribed their response.

Jerry Cantrell said, “Well that’s a nice thought man, we appreciate it.”

William DuVall chimed in, “We’ll see. We won’t hold our breath.”

Cantrell added, “We’re technically eligible for sure. There’s only 5 or 6 people that get inducted every year, so it’s really hard, you start to have more of an appreciation. I get that people, including ourselves, why isn’t so and so in? Why does one guy get in, but another act doesn’t? But there’s only a handful every year or so. To actually be able to partake in another, like the year Heart got inducted, and to see The Cars go in this year, and see Bon Jovi, they’ve been an incredibly strong band for many years, sold 130 million records.

They’ve weathered a flavor change or two within their career, and every band has to do that, when maybe whatever kind of brought you to prominence, music just naturally changes. So to have the longevity, the songwriting, and dedication those guys have put in, all of the guys who got inducted, The Moody Blues, Dire Straits, Nina Simone. When you get to see Rush and Heart, these bands go in, it’s not something that really makes your career. Your career is made before you even get inducted to do that, but it is a nice thing. It’s nice to be recognized for your work.”