Alice In Chains Reveal How They Partied With Chris Cornell

Photos by Dustin Halter for

Photo credit: Dustin Halter

Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell remembered good times he had with Chris Cornell that involved beer, dogs, and going to the beach in a new SoundLounge interview.

“He was just a really amazing human being. Seattle’s not that big of a town, I remember just hanging out, going out in the woods with a half rack of beer, a couple of dogs, and about three or four of us cruising through the woods, and going down to the beach, and being kind of buffoons.

We went to each other’s shows, he was always consistent to me. There’s a handful of people in your life where no matter how many years pass, when you see them it’s the same look in your eyes, and you have the same connection. It never changed with him. I’ll miss that, but i also treasure a lot of times that I had with him.

Also his legacy as an artist, it’s an amazing body of work. Soundgarden has always been one of my favorite bands, a flagpole band for the rest of us in the northwest. They were around before anybody, except for maybe Stone and Jeff in the Green River days and stuff. I think they were pretty much the band we all looked up to.”