Ted Nugent Exposes Bryan Cranston As Fraud


Controversial figure Ted Nugent recently took to his Twitter account and posted an article that saw a journalist sending an open letter to ‘Breaking Bad’ actor, Bryan Cranston, for accusing Donald Trump’s Make America Great Against slogan of having racist connotations for African Americans.

The letter is featured on The Blaze, written by . The author revealed in the letter that he “lived in the ghetto. Hope and joy filled the tiny apartment I shared with my brother and mother after my parents divorced.”

Whitlock added that “High school was even better.” He went on to captain a nationally ranked, undefeated football team.

He added: “I earned a football scholarship to Ball State University. The five years spent on campus comprise many of my fondest memories. I would do those five years over and over again until eternity.”

Whitlock continued: “The two decades I spent as a newspaper journalist in Bloomington, Indiana; Rock Hill, South Carolina; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Kansas City, Missouri, were tremendous. I started at the bottom, working part-time for $5 an hour, and became one of the most successful sports writers of my era.”

He believes that “America was great for me from 1967 until about 2012.” The 55-year-old journalist wrote: “When I hear former President Donald Trump and his supporters say ‘make America great again,’ I don’t interpret that nostalgia as subtle or overt racism. I hear it as a call for a return to sanity, a return to a time when America at least pretended to judge man by the content of his character.”

Whitlock continued: “Bryan, I saw some of your interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, the exchange where you claimed the slogan “Make America Great Again” is some sort of bigoted dog whistle.

You said, “When I see ‘Make America Great Again,’ my comment is, ‘Do you accept that that could possibly be construed as a racist remark?’”

Chris Wallace should have stopped you right there. Only someone on a 24/7/365 hunt for racism would hear that slogan and think it’s racist in nature. Bill Clinton said the exact same thing in 1991 when he launched his bid to win the White House. Clinton is fondly referred to as the “first black president.”

Clinton was not and is not black. He’s a stereotypical politician, a man unafraid to distort reality for his own benefit. To you, once Trump adopted the slogan, MAGA became a Confederacy code word.

Bryan, you and Bill Clinton are both actors. You feign concern for black people while seducing us with lies. Your statements to Chris Wallace come off as condescending and racist.

You continued: “A lot of people go, ‘How could that be racist, to make America great again?’ I said, ‘So just ask yourself from an African-American experience: When was it ever great in America for the African-American? So if you’re making it great again, it’s not including them.’””

As of 2020, roughly one in ten black people living in America migrated from Africa. That’s 10%. In 1980, it was only 3%. So the plight of black people in America is so miserable that real black Africans are choosing to immigrate to this country by choice, not by slave ship.

You can read the full letter here.