Alice In Chains Reveal Weird Moment With KISS On 1996 Tour


Alice In Chains members Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez discussed Alice In Chains’ 1996 tour with KISS during a recent Q&A at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. A fan asked Jerry Cantrell if more live recordings from the brief tour would be released, and he wasn’t sure.

“Oh, I don’t know, I don’t really know that there’s much to release out of that. We might have some of that stuff. Maybe someday down the road we’ll release more old live stuff, we’re always kind of looking forward. But yeah, it could be around. Those were fun shows to do, KISS were heroes of ours as well. When we got the opportunity to do it, when they were going to bring the original band back with makeup, we were totally stoked to do it, all of us, that’s why we did it.”

Inez added, “It was great for me, those shows were great. I have a couple memories that stand out. First off is we played the old Tiger Stadium where Ty Cobb used to play. They set up the stage in left center field, to the baseball history was just thick in that place, it was a cathedral to me walking in. The other part was we got done playing our show that night, I was eating food, and I come out holding my food, KISS is in the hallway all dressed up in their stuff, getting ready to go up. Gene Simmons walks up, I had not known him at this point, he walks up to me and looks down, ‘Hello Michael. How’s the chicken?’ So I’m talking to him, and I had to stop him, ‘Gene, I can’t talk about catering right now, you’re the God of Thunder.'”