Alice In Chains Reveal When They’ll Be Done Touring


During a recent interview on Jonesy’s Jukebox on KLOS, Jerry Cantrell announced that Alice In Chains intend on finishing the Rainier Fog world tour in fall 2019.

“We’re just kind of at the beginning here, so we’ll probably be on the road touring this record, hopefully if everybody stays healthy and sane, until probably fall of next year.”

There’s plenty of room to plug and play album cuts. We do that, on each leg we try to reach back and pick something we haven’t been playing for awhile, or that we rarely played, and throw it in. On this last one it was I think ‘Bleed the Freak’ from Facelift, it got a lot of play over the last tours. That had been a song we hadn’t been playing in awhile.

Acoustically, we whipped out a song we never played from the Black Gives Way to Blue record called, what is it called? I forgot. Uh, ‘When The Sun Rose Again.’ We played it for the first time in Montreax, for a little acoustic set, I think we’ll mix that in. That’s a really cool tune man.”

Watch the full interview below.