Alter Bridge Member Reveals Why They Refuse To Perform Creed Songs


Myles Kennedy was asked by Eddie Trunk in a recent interview why Alter Bridge have never performed Creed songs live, to which he replied (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“I think it was just from the genesis of the project that we decided that this is gonna be a clean slate.

“When it was obvious that we were gonna do this and start from square one it was exciting for me. First of all to show they weren’t gonna take the easy way. [Laughs]

“They’re willing to start over, pay their dues all over again and work. And there’s definitely a work ethic there that I really find cool. [Laughs]”

He later said:

“I think that we noticed after a long touring in the States that it feels like that stigma to a degree has left. But look, they were such a massive band and when you get that popular that tends to be a thing. You kind of become a target to a point.”

Myles also talked about how hard rock and metal music seem to be bigger in Europe than in the States, saying:

“Hard rock in general seems to be a little more… It’s not mainstream, but it’s different there [in Europe]. It seems there’s more of an audience. And there are many other bands that feel the same way. They will attest the fact that their biggest business is down in Europe. So that’s nice.”

He also discussed his health issues.

“I have a stomach disorder so they keep an eye on things there. Last time I was just in earlier this year and I remember before I went in for the procedure again with my doctor.

“I asked him if I can get a punch card because we’e done this so many times that I can get a 10th one for free. [Laughs] I think I’m at seven now, or something.

“[It started in] my early 30s. I had issues and they had find out what was going on so now they just have to keep an eye on things. It’s really not that bad but it’s the prep that’s the drag. It’s that day before – don’t plan on doing anything.”