Andy Wood’s Girlfriend Clarifies Chris Cornell Criticism: ‘It Still Makes Me Sad’


Late Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood’s girlfriend Xana La Fuente posted a blog a few days ago on Xanaland that was very critical of Chris Cornell and his recent Temple of the Dog performances. She later deleted the blog, and posted the following on Facebook. She has now sent the Xanaland blog to Alternative Nation to clarify her initial comments.

I would like to publicly apologize for calling Chris Cornell a chode. For the people who this has reached, if you care for a further explanation here it is, if not and you just want to be mad then you are as childish as I was for my emotional response. What is sad to me is that I have been writing and built this website 5 years ago and and all the grunge stories are really just bait to get people to notice all the new bands I write about. It has worked and there have been countless people who discovered Walking Papers, Ten Miles Wide, Ayron Jones, and realized how amazing Shawn Smith is, all from watching my YouTube channel. I tell people who email me and ask about my past, “I don’t answer questions about this in messages etc.” please go to the blogs. It may sound harsh but I am always afraid of saying something bad or something getting taken out of context. We call people chodes all the time on my Facebook and we “roast” all kinds of people. I roast myself! Why else would I have an alter ago who’s a monkey named Sancho? If this Chris Cornell issue had stayed within my demographic so to speak then by now I would have forgotten about it. We rant and then its over. However this got out, I just wish some of the great pieces I’ve written on new local bands was shared all over, but I guess that’s the internet for you. I have not even monetized my site because I want it add free. I will have to do this eventually but what other website do you see with not one add? My handpicked Amazon products which all sales for goes to my non-profit that gives instruments to kids. Kids that I film for free all the time aby the way at the local music schools here in West Seattle. If that does not prove that I am not trying to make money off any of this then I don’t know what else to say, the proof is right in front of people and they still want to believe otherwise.

When Andy wrote and sang Stargazer to me it was special because he also wrote Chloe for me (that was about when I was going to be a stripper to support he and I, and left the place after 1 hour) but obviously having my real name in the song not my stripper for a day name was really flattering and made it extra special. Pretty much all of Apple was our relationship and some Malfunkshun songs. If you don’t know who Malfunkshun is my proof that generally speaking people reading stuff do not know what the background is has been proven in a split second.

Chris and I have had falling outs before. The last time we did, he said something really shitty while we were eating dinner, and we were on our way to the park where we always took our dog Bill. If I brought anyone he would get furious. Her even got mad at me for bringing Jerry Cantrell once. The night he upset me, I got up and left and didn’t tell him. He was looking for me all over and eventually came to my house and we sat up and talked all night.He told me as the sun rose,So are you going to forgive me ? ” and I said yes,He was standing behind me with his arms around me while I was sitting in front of the fireplace on this chase lounge. I said ” Well are you going to forgive me? ” and he said yeah but if you ever do anything like that, take off and leave me worrying about you, I’ll never talk to you again ” . Well I saw him plenty of times after that. I saw him in L.A. I saw him at the houser where we all hung out where all my stuff went missing from. I was pregnant with my son and with my husband who he was really nice to. Her even offered him to use his American Music store discount. I do not know what changed because when the whole divorce happened apparently it was a very ugly scene here in West Seattle. Even the store workers at the grocery store right by his old house where his ex-wife still lives -they still remember the parking lot fights between Chris and his ex wife. I came back here assuming I was golden since she hated me and I figured great he and I can go back to being friends. But apparently something has changed and he wants noting to do with anyone in his family or his old friends. Can’t say I blame his new wife, but it still makes me sad. I didn’t just know him, he was the only person I knew and that I told everything to besides maybe one or two other people. Losing Andy was hard enough. I did not know there was some time limit set on grief now, but Chris singing MLB songs brings it all back up. Leaving my name out felt like something Andy would be upset over so it upset me.

I have a great life in Seattle and I will say it again, I do not get “jealous” that does not even make sense. I live right by Eddie Vedder and we shop at the same grocery store, we both drive Jeep’s and if anything I probably have more “fun” because I can go out and not get hounded! I hear he’s quite the hermit and that is sad. Who would want to get bugged all the time? I cant’ even stand it when I get one message asking me stuff, I can’t imagine how it would feel to have people all over me all the time. I never liked the idea of fame at all. I have a really busy day if anyone has any questions feel free to email me, but please do not expect an immediate response. I have quite had it with this issue. I have apologized, and now I am going back to what I do best working on stuff for the new bands in Seattle who hopefully will never forget where they came from.

Xana also shared an article she wrotes on 25 Years of Grunge. She also recommended The Gross by Ten Miles Wide.