Angus Young Reportedly Reveals If AC/DC Is Making New Album With Axl Rose


Angry Anderson from the Australian band Rose Tattoo was recently interviewed by The Rock Pit, and he revealed that Angus Young told him he is writing a new AC/DC album with Axl Rose expected to sing lead vocals.

Mark: You’re right people are listening to that great music again, listening to Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, Zeppelin, it’s all coming round again, kids are rediscovering great music.

Angry: Exactly, I was talking to Angus earlier last year when we were doing the encores and we were opening for Guns ‘n’ Roses but Angus and I were asked to do the encores and I said to him “What are you going to do?” and he said “Mate I’m writing a new album.” I thought “Cool” so I asked him who was in the band and he said “Axl.”

Brian’s not there, Phil’s not there, Cliff’s not there, sadly Malcolm’s not there. And there are these people, and yes it’s sad that the original line-up aren’t there anymore but it’s the songs, people who have supported them all the way through their career they want to hear the songs. And in a sense we owe that to people, so really it’s a debt of gratitude and what we’re saying is you’ve stood by us, we’ll stand by you.

So Angus, and let’s face it he doesn’t need the money, he acknowledges that there are still millions of people around the world that want to hear AC/DC songs played live. In the same way, though on a much lesser scale obviously there are plenty of people around the world who want to hear the songs that made Rose Tattoo famous. They want to hear those songs played live. And this is a line-up that can do that.