Watch Ozzy Osbourne Front Supergroup With Jane’s Addiction & Nine Inch Nails Members


Former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne performed with Royal Machines last night in Los Angeles. The band features Dave Navarro (JANE’S ADDICTION, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), Billy Morrison (ex-THE CULT bassist), Donovan Leitch (son of legendary folk singer Donovan), and Chris Chaney (JANE’S ADDICTION, ALANIS MORRISETTE), alongside frequent CAMP FREDDY collaborator, singer Mark McGrath (SUGAR RAY), and drummer Josh Freese (NINE INCH NAILS, THE VANDALS, DEVO, A PERFECT CIRCLE).

“I have never asked Ozzy for anything, which is possibly why I’m one of his closest friends,” Billy Morrison told Yahoo! Music. “I see him all the time and we text each other every day. I hadn’t texted him in a few days and he sent me a message, saying, ‘Where the fuck are you?’ And I said, ‘I’m working on a solo album.’ And the next text from him was, ‘Well, I want to sing a song on your solo album.’ I thought, ‘Yeah, that would be great, mate.’ I really didn’t think too much about it.”