Angus Young Trashes AC/DC Icon: ‘You Haven’t Got A Job’


AC/DC members Angus Young, and his late brother Malcolm Young, trashed former AC/DC singer Dave Evans in a newly unsurfaced Classic Rock magazine interview. Angus said Dave barely qualified as being called a singer, a brutal insult. Angus Young revealed a horrible Brian Johnson lie last week, after rumors that he is returning to replace Axl Rose for a 2020 tour.

Malcolm said, “Bon [Scott] was driving us around at the time, and he was forever telling us to get rid of our singer because he was crap. He kept saying that he would love a crack at it himself – this was when he was oiled. One day we mentioned it to him but he wasn’t keen any more. So he went back to painting ships.”

He later added that after a fight, things got worse. Malcolm remembered, “The next day Dave came to us to complain and we told him: ‘You haven’t got a job any more.’ But it was Bon that called the shots on that one. He said: ‘I want in.'”

Angus Young revealed why he ‘got rid of’ an AC/DC singer last week. MyCubiclePenguin recently discussed another musician who nearly joined AC/DC during the Dave Evans era. He wrote on, “Why did George Young not just join the band full time? If he supposedly recorded most of the bass parts for TNT and some for DD, played with them live more than a few times in ’74 (IIRC), probably occasionally helped on the songwriting side of things in the earlier days, was such a major influence to his younger brothers in general, and handled all of the production with Harry Vanda, why did they bother to even bring Mark aboard when they had the opportunity to have a much more experienced player with them?

Was George unable to make a commitment to touring at the time? Was it something else? Am I just overlooking something?”

Drew1999 responded, “Maybe because of his experience with the Easy Beats he didn’t want to be in the band. Maybe he enjoyed being in the background.” The full Young brothers interview is at