Another Huge Queens of the Stone Age Project In The Works


American Valhalla director Andreas Neumann hinted at a possible new Queens of the Stone Age documentary in a new interview with Greg Prato for LIPulse.

“I’m already working with Josh now on the new Queens album. We just released the trailer. It’s a weird, quirky, art thing. We’re filming everything, but it’s more again a document with no pressure. If it’s good, it’s going to make it. We’re doing our best to create something interesting. And on, we will release fine art prints from all the live shows in December, which will be limited edition—only 200 printed.”

He also discussed directing American Valhalla, a behind the scenes documentary on Iggy Pop and Josh Homme’s Post Pop Depression.

“I always wanted to collaborate with Josh. We finally had a meeting in a coffee shop in LA and said, ‘Let’s do something together.’ He said, ‘Maybe that project I have with Iggy.’ I didn’t know what it was; I wasn’t sure if it was a Queens record. A month later he called me out of the blue, and said, ‘Do you want to come to the desert tomorrow and shoot some stuff?’ I said, ‘Sure. What are we shooting?’ And he said, ‘Just Iggy and the boys.” We did this amazing photo session by this art installation by Joshua Tree.

They recorded this album in the desert in total secret, and I think he liked the idea of me not coming from the rock world.”