Red Hot Chili Peppers Make Cryptic Statement About Future


As fans wonder about the status of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, Flea has made a cryptic tweet.

A fan asked, “It’s been exactly 3 years since you guys dropped the first single from The Getaway. On behalf of every RHCP fan – mind giving us a small update on the progress of the new album?”

Flea responded, “Seeing colors.”

londonvibestar posted on the RHCP Reddit:

Lol he’s trolling.

For those that think the band have started recording a new album, there’s no evidence really. As Anthony said in that radio interview last year, they were starting work on new material- which probably meant they were just writing new songs. On the last album, Flea posted several Instagram videos during the demo sessions & album recording. Up until now we’ve had no confirmation of any recording so it’s just pure speculation really.

rhcp_genius posted:

You have a point. We have very little information – but they’re definitely onto something because the recording process was shortly delayed because of the wildfire. All we know that they made new music, but nothing more, what producer, etc etc. So either we have to wait for longer than people think or they’ll drop something out of the blue. I hope they release it independently tbh. Fuck Warner

DeadlyLazy posted:

No proof of them recording does not mean that they haven’t done anything.

AssdogDave0 posted:

That is selling their current situation very short and/or being intentionally misleading. It has been said multiple times by Anthony himself when asked that they would like to have a new album out this year. Contrary to what you may believe, releasing an album also requires having it recorded. It’s more than “pure speculation” that they are working on an upcoming release.