Anthony Kiedis Reveals If He Dislikes Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers Bandmates


Former Hole drummer Scott Lipps recently interviewed Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis on Dash Radio, and asked him about his relationships with his current and former bandmates. Alternative Nation transcribed Kiedis and Lipps’ comments.

Scott Lipps: It’s amazing that you guys have maintained these relationships, I love that you have this brotherhood, and it’s real. I mean, you and Flea have been friends since high school, but I mean I see like there’s no wavering in that friendship, that friendship seems to be as strong as ever. Which is so rare, me and my best friend, maybe we fight a little bit bu-

Anthony Kiedis: Oh we fight, we fight.

Scott: But you don’t see it…

Anthony: It’s like lifelong, like I love you and now I have to beat your ass.

Scott: But you’re as close to him now as you’ve ever been, I feel.

Anthony: Yes. Still close [with Flea], Jack Irons, and Chad [Smith] and all the guys. Yeah.

Red Hot Chili Peppers have just begun to work on their new album, the followup to 2016’s The Getaway. It will be the band’s third album with guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. It is unknown if Danger Mouse will return as producer.