Are Pearl Jam Quitting Spotify With Neil Young?


On Saturday, a viral rumor – published by a blog called CelebNMusic247 proclaimed that major music A-listers from Pearl Jam to The Rolling Stones would be joining ‘Southern Man’ singer Neil Young, singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell, along with others in solidarity after Young requested that Spotify remove his music catalog due to COVID-19 misinformation spread by popular podcaster, Joe Rogan.

This blog – would cite an inaccurate tweet that proclaimed the following: “Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Queen, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Dave Grohl, Joni Mitchell, Pearl Jam are removing their music from Spotify in solidarity with Neil Young”

The blog’s source – should be noted as only having 153 followers on Twitter.

In response, the popular Pearl Jam fansite – Live On 4 Legs Podcast would tweet out the following: “There is no confirmation on any rumor you may have read about Pearl Jam and Spotify.” It appears that the popular fansite seems to have inside knowledge that Pearl Jam has not confirmed any rumors that they’re leaving Spotify like their mentor Neil Young. Pearl Jam did the ‘Mirror Ball’ album with Neil Young in the ’90s.

Joe Rogan recently revealed this massive Neil Young paycheck. In a nine-minute video posted to Joe Rogan’s social media via Instagram, Rogan responded to the backlash that he recently received from COVID-19 misinformation. It was also revealed recently that future editions of the popular Joe Rogan Experience will feature ‘content advisories’ – however this will only be for episodes that discuss COVID-19.

“I’m not trying to promote misinformation, I’m not trying to be controversial. I’ve never tried to do anything with this podcast other than just talk to people and have interesting conversations,”

Rogan continued by stating the following.

“I want to thank Spotify for being so supportive during this time. And I’m very sorry that this is happening to them, and that they’re taking so much heat from it,” Rogan said.