Joe Rogan Reveals Paycheck For Neil Young Show


It’s clear that Joe Rogan feels bad about Neil Young choosing to leave Spotify after the controversy that surrounds Joe Rogan’s podcast. In a recently released video, Joe states that he loves Neil’s work and even worked for him for one night.

Joe Rogan states in the video below: “I’m a Neil Young fan. I’ve always been a Neil Young fan. When I was 19, I was a security guard at a place called ‘Great Woods’ in Mansfield, Massachusetts. It’s an outdoor concert amphitheater. Neil Young was playing – it was the last day I worked there. I quit while Neil Young was playing.”

Many would think that this was a stab at Neil Young, but Rogan went deeper into the story still praising the artist, and also revealing what he was paid to work at Young’s concert.

Joe continued: “The job was kind of crazy. There were fights and I think I only got, like, $15 an hour. I was not about to get beat up for $15 an hour. I would bring a hoodie with me when I worked so incase sh*t hit the fan and got too crazy, I would just put my hoodie on and leave. I would just cover my security outfit.”

Joe Rogan continues on with the story describing the layout of the venue and that fans started getting rowdy while Neil Young was playing. Rogan recalled bonfires being lit up and he was sent as one of the people to put the fires out while brawls broke out as well.

Joe explained that he wasn’t about to do anything remotely similar to what his bosses wanted him to do, so he zipped up his hoodie and drove home, quitting the job. Joe then said that he started singing “Keep on rocking in the free world.” as he was on his drive back home.

Rogan closed by saying that he has no hard feelings for Neil Young and that he feels a good next step would be to get people on the podcast who have different opinions than he does rather than a podcast which is more like a collective mind. We will see how this continues to shake up next.