Armonite’s ‘And the Stars Above’ Is Mesmerizing And Infectious Prog Rock


Wildly diverse and insatiably inspired, instrumental progressive rock powerhouse Armonite have declared May 1st, 2018 the date in which they will unveil their latest offering to the masses. And the Stars Above, the second album from the rock outfit is sure to leave fans mesmerized with their unique brand of fresh originality and truly outside the box tendencies. While fans of the band wait with bated breath in anticipation of the band’s forthcoming release, there’s no better time than the present to familiarize yourself with this exciting group.

Led by Jacopo Bigi and Paolo Fosso, Armonite present a truly one of a kind artistic vision as sonically rich as it is undeniably forward thinking. Truthfully, instrumental music is not the easiest music to create and push boundaries with. Sure, guitarists like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani long ago mastered the art of the instrumental guitar album, but Armonie operates on a playing field all their own. The Italy-based pioneers set a high bar for themselves out of the gate with their 2016 debut, The Sun is New Each Day. On that release, Armonite set forth their mission statement and began their journey to etching out their own infectious brand of prog-rock for the twenty-first century.

Armonite excel at presenting the unexpected. The sounds the band produce should not sound so intoxicating. But they do. The rhythms creep into your subconscious- attacking own rhythm- adding a little extra pep in your step. As for the instrumentation? Well, the instrumentation is ramped up to eleven. Pianos and keys haunt beautifully. Violins take center stage, dominating passages you’d sooner expect a lead guitar to handle but gracefully- and wonderfully- they totally, one hundred percent own! Armonite truly present a musical juggernaut unmatched and monstrously infectious.

You’d be well served to take a sledge hammer to the walls of your musical boundaries and let Armonite get under your skin. Few things in life are guaranteed. But one guarantee I can give you- and you can take this to the bank- you have never heard a band like Armonite.

If you can’t wait til May 1st to get your hands on And the Start Above, check out Armonite aross their social media sites to hold you over!