Audioslave Reunion Video Bombshell Revealed


A reader sent in an email regarding our January 2018 article on Audioslave’s January 2017 Anti-Inaugural Ball reunion, and a backstage video that surfaced with Chris Cornell.

“This will probably seem kind of crazy considering the article date, but I wanted to write it to you anyway.

You wrote an article about Cornell’s wife Vicky stating to a cameraman that Chris was uncomfortable being recorded backstage at the Anti Inaugural concert. It dates back to Jan of 2018 I believe. You’ve probably been told by others that you didn’t actually understand the conversation that you wrote about. For the small chance you still haven’t had clarification, I’ll fill you in.

The conversation had nothing to do with the guy who was recording the video. Vicky was listening to Chris’s conversation with Brad Wilk. CC was suggesting to BW that Audioslave members should try to carve out a few weeks to reunite and play together. Vicky thought that CC was maybe talking about it more than he needed to when she noticed BW wasn’t verbally agreeing immediately….so when he continued to suggest Audioslave make time for getting together, she sort of interrupted CC by saying; “Now you’re making him uncomfortable”…referring to BW.

The only time the camera guy was acknowledged in that moment was when CC joked that if BW did in fact agree to a reunion, it was being documented by the camera guy’s video recording of their conversation. CC had looked up to the camera guy basically saying “See? I’ll have you on record agreeing to a time to play together”.

Hope that clarifies their conversation. I wish we had more video like it to watch.

Still missing CC terribly.”