Axl Rose Massive Restaurant Bill Revealed


Axl Rose has never been known to be the easiest person to work with, especially when he was younger. With age, comes slowing down and Axl has slowed down quite a bit since he was jumping on fans for having cameras in the crowd. Sadly, for Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses, due to their storied past, there have been many people who remember just what it was like to be in the lions den with the testosterone fueled men who made names for themselves even in the most harshest of ways.

On the Appetite For Distortion podcast, it was revealed that Axl Rose and the rest of the band were not very easy to work with. It took a certain kind of someone to be able to deal with their antics in a positive manner, but Axl would still always be sure to take care of everyone who was on tour with the band.

Doug Goldstein, former manager of Guns N’ Roses stated: “Working with Guns N’ Roses is tough. You gotta love it. We wanted to make it feel like a family. The band members did as well. Axl would do those New York dinners.”

Doug would then state that the bills would all be settled by those who worked internally for Guns N’ Roses. He revealed that the bills would sometimes be over $100,000.

Also on the show was Pyro Pete. He revealed that he felt like a lot of the dinners were an apology by Axl Rose due to issues with weather or for having crew members have to stay late to take care of shows.

One commentor stated on the defense on Axl Rose: “I always found it remarkable, the amount of people who actually know Axl saying nothing bad about him, it’s only second hand accounts or axe to grind people.”