Chris Evans Rejected Painful Tommy Lee Offer


The new mini-series on Hulu, centered around the marriage between Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and the release of their infamous unauthorized sex tape which was recorded privately during their honeymoon is clearly one of the most popular properties for the streaming service. With both Lily James and Sebastian Stan putting on roles for the ages that keep you glued in from one episode to the next.

This top name recently insulted Tommy Lee. During a recent edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was noted by fellow series star and Hollywood A-lister Seth Rogen who stars as Rand Gauthier talks about how he lobbied for Captain America actor Chris Evans to get quite the interesting role. Alternative Nation transcribed the following comments.

Kimmel: One of the roles is Tommy Lee’s penis?

Rogen: Yes, and I think because of my history in cinema, people assume I impose that on the show. Not exactly. I get why people think that but that’s actually from Tommy Lee’s book where he writes about being high on drugs, talking to his penis, and having a conversation about being in love with Pamela Anderson.

Kimmel: Jason Mantzoukas plays Tommy’s penis?

Rogen: Jason Mantzoukas is Tommy’s penis, yeah.

Kimmel: I’d like to see how that’s listed on his IMDB.

Rogen added that Chris Evans turned down the role.

Rogen: Yeah maybe. I actually was making a strong push for Chris Evans at one point because I like the Marvel reference there but I think that was about it.

Kimmel: Why does the penis have a shield?

Rogen: Yeah we could have used Chris Evans’ penis.

In other news concerning Tommy Lee, the acclaimed drummer for Motley Crue discussed life before social media and how it was arguably somewhat preferable to now in a recent podcast interview Credit to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for the below.

“People were not carrying around a cell phone that had a camera on it all the time. Lee said that if someone wanted to take a photo, it needed to be developed “at the one-hour photo place. Even then, it wasn’t always an hour. “You didn’t have to worry about if it was going to show up on Instagram in four minutes. Many fans who watched the Mötley Crüe movie The Dirt will ask, ‘Is that really what it was like back then?’ It was absolutely what it was like,’”