Axl Rose May Not Be Done With AC/DC, Is He On New Album?


A mysterious GNR Evolution forum poster named downtownterry leaked a never before heard 2009 rehearsal recording of Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy” earlier this week. Along with the leak, he posted several new rumors about Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses, including a rumored update on the state of AC/DC.

Axl Rose joined AC/DC in 2016 after Brian Johnson had hearing issues. There were rumors that Rose would record a new album with the band, but recently the surviving members of the Back In Black lineup reunited in the studio to begin work on a new album, with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams returning after their departures during the Rock or Bust tour.

downtownterry posted, “AC/DC wanted to do an album with Axl but this Back In Black lineup reunion came to the studio.”

“Axl DC may be still a thing though. Brian can’t do a full set.”

Could Axl still end up being a touring singer for AC/DC? We’ll have to wait and see.

He claimed that the rumored Guns N’ Roses cover of “The Children of the Revolution” for a T-Rex tribute album will feature Ringo Starr’s son Zak Starkey. Starkey is the touring drummer for The Who.

“Oh and btw,

Everyone in the band wants to do an album.

Slash pasted his tracks on a bunch of CD leftovers that were going to be on GH2.

Ringo Starr’s son is on The Children of The Revolution GNR cover.”

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